Monday, June 9, 2014

LibProg Hate

I was reading a post by Matt Walsh - who I don't always agree with.  He was talking bout the difference between hating an idea or action, and hating the person.

But what about me? Do I have hate of my own? Yes, I do. Sometimes weshould feel hatred. It’s just that progressive hatred is often the wrong kind. Your hatred is for individuals, whereas mine is for certain actions and ideas.
True as far as it goes.   There are individuals I hate  because of their actions.  Paul Krugman comes to mind.  I can't decide if he's a Disingenuous Opportunist, or Brain Washed Ideologue.  I don't think he's as stupid as his statements seem to prove him to be.  Given his position I lean more toward the first - which makes me hate HIM.  If he's the second, then perhaps pity would be a better reaction but given the amount of damage he does on a regular basis.

Matt however is dealing with in this case transgender and homosexual individuals.  Unlike Matt I don't hate the ideology or the action - I just don't care - right up to the point where they use the ideology as a club to beat people into submission.   I will not submit to the kind of bulling that was used to Mozzilla Brendan Eich. (yeah being Mozilla'd is now thing). Doesn't mean I won't ever get shafted by it but I'll not submit willingly - they can bite my ass - wait - no they can't - they can go eat dog excrement and bark at the moon.

So the point that Matt misses here is WHY LibProgs hate him, and anyone they disagree with.

You see, when YOU are the only thing in the world that matters and someone rains on your parade, you react the way LibProgs react - Hate the person who doesn't give you unconditional support for your delusions.

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