Monday, June 23, 2014

Breath of Fresh Air

I've always liked Gary Oldman.

 I sat though an entire movie with out realizing I was actually watching him - he's that good - he disappears into the character.  Some (most) actors play only a different version of themselves, some can't manage even that.   That's not necessarily bad if the casting is good.   John Wayne played John Wayne in every movie he did - And I like most of them.  Kevin Costner has a bit more range, but he needs to avoid playing The Big Hero - the only thing that saved Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves was Morgan Freeman and Alan Rickman (I'll cut your hear out with a spoon!)  Okay maybe saved is pushing it, but Morgan and Rickman were so damn good, Mastrantonio was also good.  -- Err, distraction.

Gary give an interview with Playboy - some of which was repeated here 

Of course the LibProg Press is going nuts - Getting all offended that he told people to just get over it in reference to Gibsons rants or Baldwins bad behavior.  So he understands the LibProg obsession with being offended.  How miserable must your life be to spend all that time looking for things to be offended by, and not of it's really offensive, not in the scheme of things.  It's not like they chopped off anyones head on TV, or kidnapped a couple hundred girls, or rape and mutilate people - THAT'S offensive.  Calling Nancy Pelosi "a fucking useless cunt" is simply an opinion, he's entitle to it - and I happen to agree with it.  I'll go one further - she's a fucking EVIL, worse than useless, lying cunt.     

Truth?  Don't care much for that word, I was raised in a time when my dad would have washed my mouth with soap if I used that language, probably after smacking my behind.   But sometimes it just fits -- I can only think of a couple other people I'd apply that too - unsurprising to me anyway, is that they're all politicians (or closely related). Should people get offended by words? That's harder, Hitler said some VERY offensive things, then again so has Al Sharpton. I really think the meaning of the full context is what's important, a word is -more or less - just a word.  Repeated use of the f-word or the c-word simply makes someone sound dull, I know folks who use the f-word hundreds of times a day - it has about as much meaning as Um or Uh - it fills space. 

Political Correctness is bullshit - it's only purpose is to silence people who disagree with the agenda.  Look at the words that get you into trouble, every time we agree on a new word - it too becomes politically incorrect - Hell homosexual (clinical term) is politically incorrect now - or is it gay - hell I can't even keep up - first it was Negros, then People of Color, then Black Americans, then Blacks, then Afro-Americans, then African Americans - what's it going to be tomorrow?   By the way - if a black person is African American, then I'm German-Scots American and piss on you if you ever call me something else - See?  Stupid.    Just get over yourselves people.

Go Gary, give em hell!

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