Thursday, June 19, 2014

Logical, really

Apparently Bloomberg has decided you eat too much salt.  So not only can't you have A Big Gulp, or a gun, but you can't have salty foods either - All that canned food you live on - take the salt out you evil food monster. Potato chips? NO!

So let's see, any food he considers bad for you (not him, YOU) you can't have anymore.

Anything he decides isn't safe in your hands, you can't have. (not him, or his employees - YOU)

He'll be attacking either coffee or swimming pools next.   Certainty energy drinks will come under attack (won't bother me much except on principle).  What about booze?  No, no, we won't be going after booze - need that to appease the masses. Besides not only won't he give it up, neither will any of the other elected officials, or unions - so, no  Booze should be safe.  Hmm, Candy - that has to go.

You have to wonder just how big an ego it takes to be Mr. "My place in heaven is assured" Bloomberg.  How many brown-nosed sycophants does it take to carry that ego around?  Here is a man who, if he ever read a bible, he didn't understand it.

If there was ever an argument for not letting an individual accumulate too much wealth (and there isn't)  He would be the poster child.   Although if you made a law, making it illegal to use your money to campaign against ANYTHING.... No can't go there either.  Guess we'll just have to resort to mocking him until he dies of self-righteous indignation.

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